Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Pregnant 15-year-old Daughter is a STAR!

(I wish my camera took better pictures in low light - flash photography isn't allowed)
Bethany made her starring debut in "Rumors" a Neil Simon play last week. I have to admit that seeing her dressed up as a pregnant woman was disconcerting, as was her on-screen PDA with her husband, who I threatened to beat up after the show.

However, she was fantastic. Ben has always been the theatrical one in this family, now he has some competition.

She played "Cookie" a 30-year-old pregnant (trophy?) wife of a prominent 50-something psychologist.

I was proud not only of the job she did, but also of the character she displayed. The play has a lot of cussing. She wasn't going to try out, but the director took all the cuss words out of her part so she could do it.

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