Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I HATE My Oldest Son!!!

He got great offers from Yale and MIT, and decided to accept the MIT offer. So, he will spend the next 6 or so years of his life in Boston. He is not a sports fan at all, so it might be okay to be in the home of the world's greatest two evils - Red Sox and Patriots.

But today, he sent out an email telling me that MIT had informed him that because of the economic downturn, he was going to have to pay his own tuition ($90,000). He was going to try to talk to Yale and see if they would let him come there after all.

I was horrified at MIT for doing this to him. I thought it was really rotten that they offered him a tuition scholarship plus stipend then after he accepted, they changed their minds.

Then, someone else who got the email reminded me of the date. April Fool! I used to play pranks on other people, not get fooled by them. Doggone bratty kid.

So, Matt got me; hook, line and sinker. And I hate him for it!

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