Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Question about Race in America

I just read an AP article (|main|dl1|link3| on AOL about Edwin Chandler who was exonerated on a 1993 murder after spending 9 years in jail. New evidence proved him to be innocent.

I am a conservative, law-and-order man. I love America and respect our law enforcement system.
But, here is my question: When is the last time you saw an article like this and the person it was about WASN'T black?

How many Edwin Chandlers are there out there in jail and the only crime they are really guilty of is having dark skin (or at least a primary contributing factor)?

I don't know the answer to that. But I do know that every time I read a story about someone being proven innocent after 10 or 15 years in jail, that man is black!

That cannot be a coincidence!


Strong Tower said...

How many non-black Edwin Chandlers are out there that racist pukes passover because it is bigger news to focus on race?

Dave Miller said...

That is an interesting perspective, Thomas. Sort of a conspiracy theory thing. All the blacks being exonerated by the clear and convincing evidence is clear and convincing evidence of anti-white racism?

It is "racist pukes" who are going around and finding innocent black men and ignoring all the innocent white men who have been mistakenly convicted?

I hope that you do not really mean what you said here. I am willing to delete your comment if in the light of day your realize how it sounds and become embarrassed by what it says.

Mr. Hyde said...

While I may not agree with the way String Tower stated his point, I think he does make a valid point. We see everyday that the media is biased in what they present to the public. I don't think it is so much a conspiracy as economics.

How many newspapers are going to sell from them running stories about a white man wrongly convicted and exhonerated after 10-15 years? My guess is not many. A black man on the other hand, that's a story that will sell because all the newspaper has to do is print it--the readers will label it as a racist conviction.

I think your post even proves my point, you noticed the trend and came to the conclusion that it cannot be a coincidence--that there must be a racial connection.

Anonymous said...

I can suggest two books for you to read that address this subject...Courageous Conversations About Race by Singelton Linton and Culturally Proficient Instruction by Robbins/Lindsay/Terrell. They are both very eye opening and informative.