Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Blogging Gulag: Addition by Subtraction

I used to spend most of my blogging time on about 4 or 5 blog sites. I got into blogging because of the IMB controversy, and most of the sites I visited dealt with those SBC issues. I am passionate about the issues, but I would get so disgusted at the level of conversation and frustrated at the lack of real conversation. I wrongly assumed this was the sum total of Baptist blogging.

It has been an eye-opening experience and a blessing to find that those strife-producing, name-calling, anger-inducing sites are not all there is out there. There are real sites where people deal with real topics; where there is intelligent discussion of difficult issues with grace and kindness.

Of course, I think SBC Impact is the best of those sites. I'm probably a little prejudiced. But there are several others. SBC Voices not only has some great articles, it has the links to so many good blogs (and the stinkers as well). Bart Barber always makes me think, and only rarely makes me mad. Timmy Brister is also thought-provoking and there have been some really good comment exchanges there. Ed Stetzer has loads of stuff for me to learn and everyone ought to read "Between the Times" - even if they make me crazy by not allowing comments. There is a whole world of good blogs I didn't know existed. (I know, its my stupidity, but lets ignore that).

So, I have created my own blogging gulag. I have banished the petty arguers to Gulag Millerpeligo. I just stopped going there. I deleted them from my feed. And now, my blood pressure has dropped 20 points and I no longer see red as often. It is a liberating experience.

I don't have to read every wild accusation lodged against Dr. Patterson or those with traditional views of gender roles. I don't have to read the insulters who respond to the insults of Dr. P by insulting the original insulter. I am surviving without my daily dose of anti-SBC vitriol. Neither do I have to live in a Mad, Mad, Mad world or watch anyone Splat! Splat! anyone else. All I had to do was walk away.

Here's the thing I realized. These sites accomplish nothing. They insult each other and others. they harp and rail - and NOTHING changes.

I'm so glad there are better blogs. It has been a blessing to find them.

I wonder why I didn't figure this out sooner? After all, my IQ is well above 80.


Luke said...

So THAT's where you went. Wondered why you became so silent.

Mr. Hyde said...

I have recently got into blogging and started my own blog for the reason you stated, to address real issues facing people everyday.

As I started looking at some of the blogs I noticed what you mention, the tidal wave of insulting and slanderous comments. It breaks my heart to see that because I know there are people who are looking for God that will come across those blogs and think, "If that is what I have to look forward to when I become a Christian, I don't want it!"

Look forward to some thought provoking and challenging posts in the future.

Jesus reigns,

Dave Miller said...


Reading your comments on my post at SBC Impact and a brief perusal of your site tells me that you have something to say.

There are a lot of great blogs out there!

Dave Miller said...


I have checked your site often to see if you are still writing, but NOTHING!

Unless, that is, you are the Luke that has sometimes written some good stuff over at SBC Tomorrow.

Luke said...

That would be me Dave. Although, I am writing on my own blog again, I am also guest contributing on Peter's place too.