Thursday, May 29, 2008

How Quickly It Goes By...

The prophet Isaiah compares people to grass, which springs up quickly, flourishes, then dies down as the days grow cold. Life, even long life, passes quickly. I am feeling that so strongly this year.

A week ago, I watched my youngest son walk the aisle to graduate from high school. In a few weeks, I will watch my second son walk another aisle and say “I do.” It all goes by in a flash. One day, you are playing catch in the back yard. Then, they are grown up and moving on.

I have talked to elderly people, men and women whose lives have been long and full, and they talk about it as well. “It seems like only yesterday…” Where has the time gone?” They give testimony to the truth of God’s Word. Life on this earth is brief. We are born, we flourish, then we face eternity.

We are given only a brief window of time in which to store up treasures in heaven. The great tragedy of the careless Christian living so many of us practice is that we waste our brief moments, our opportunities to live lives that count, that make a difference in the world.

Have you done anything today that will last for eternity? Have you done anything that really matters; that stores up treasures in heaven? The money you have made is not eternally significant. The pleasures of this world – fleeting moments of joy at best. That hit movie? What difference will that make in a million years?

But spending time in worshiping and glorifying God? That is a rehearsal for eternity. Telling someone about Jesus, proclaiming the gospel to the lost? That is the power of God for the salvation of all who believe. Encouraging a brother or sister in Christ to walk in obedience to Him? That will make a difference forever!

I do not really wish to be maudlin, but life is what it is. You have a few brief years to make a difference, to become more like Christ, to proclaim the gospel, to influence other believers. Or, you can squander those years in worldly pursuits; money, power, pleasure, ambition, advancement. Then, one day, this life will come to an end, and on that day, you will stand before your Savior to give account.

Are you doing anything today that will matter that day?

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Todd Bacon said...

Thanks for the reminder Dave... this is encouragement indeed.

It is so easy to get caught up in the here and now... the "matrix", if you will - when the reality that this is just an "earth-suit" that we will someday leave behind, is so much more important.