Thursday, September 13, 2007

If Anyone Cares

I am aware that this blog series on music is probably more interesting to me than to anyone else. However, if anyone is reading this, a delay in writing has become necessary.

I contracted West Nile Virus (or one of its cousins) and the last couple of weeks has been a blur. When I recover, get caught up on everything else, and get some time to write, I will continue the series.


Todd Bacon said...

I've read both brother. Hope you recuperate fully and quickly.

Stop eating dead ducks you find on the side of the road. That might help.

jen said...

Maybe you should wash your hand before eating with them....just a suggestion.

momof3 said...

We'll be praying for you. Just be well in time for camp next year!!

Andrea Hall said...

Dave, I am truly sorry to hear about the virus. I am praying for a speedy and complete recovery.

Not only am I reading these, but I am forwarding them to at least 4 people. Thanks! I am glad you are up and blogging again to the best of your current ability.